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Clear Aligners – Newbury Township, OH

The Path to a
Straighter Smile

Do you have multiple rotated teeth, misalignment, or an uneven bite? For many, solving these issues with their smile is incredibly difficult, especially if they don’t want to use traditional braces to get it done. Thankfully, clear aligner technology makes it possible to straighten teeth without the use of metal hardware or constant trips to the dental office. To learn more about these revolutionary alternatives to traditional orthodontics, give our office a call!

Why Choose Jason D. Majors, DMD for Clear Aligners?

  • ClearCorrect and Dentsply MTM Available
  • Digital Impression Technology Provided In-House
  • Intraoral Camera for More Detailed Progress Confirmation

ClearCorrect Aligners

The aligners from ClearCorrect are designed to shift teeth into a straighter position without any metal hardware whatsoever. Each pair is designed to represent a different stage of your treatment. When worn for about 20 to 22 hours per day over the next several weeks, your teeth will begin to shift into a straighter and healthier position. After you’ve completed every pair in the series, you’ll wear a retainer to keep your teeth in their new positions.

Learn More About ClearCorrect™

Dentsply MTM

The clear aligners from Dentsply MTM are similar to ClearCorrect, except they are designed and manufactured by Dentsply Sirona. Additionally, these clear aligners are designed to shift teeth while still being completely removable. That means you can eat the foods you want, smile with confidence and practice daily oral care without buying a bunch of new tools to accommodate your hardware. And, because of their transparency, you don’t have to make a severe change in your appearance.