Root Canal Therapy in Newbury, Ohio

Don’t let a toothache turn into big trouble! Jason D. Majors, D.M.D. offers endodontics for treating oral infection – and saving smiles.

What, exactly, is root canal therapy? Root canal therapy (or endodontic treatment) is a procedure used to treat problems with the pulp inside of your tooth. Every tooth contains canals that house soft tissue, carrying blood and nutrients through the tooth. When this becomes damaged or infected, it can threaten your tooth, eventually causing you to lose the tooth if not taken care of. Root canal therapy can be amazingly effective in saving teeth that used to be removed – up to 95% of cases can be successfully treated with root canal therapy, which involves going into the tooth, cleaning out infected or damaged tissue, detoxifying the chambers, and filling the tooth.

The main causes of damage that calls for root canal therapy are irritation and trauma. Irritation can occur when an aggressive cavity breaks through to the pulp chamber, exposing the nerve to bacteria and leading to infection. Trauma can be caused by injury to the tooth or jaw, thus damaging the nerve inside the tooth. Symptoms that you might need root canal therapy include:

If you’re experiencing these problems, visit our Newbury, Ohio dental office as soon as possible to find out the cause. One thing that can dramatically improve your chances of success with root canal therapy is to have it performed soon after damage has occurred.

Dr. Jason Majors uses various dental technologies to make the care offered at our office successful and comfortable, and this is true of our endodontic treatment. Using rotary endodontics, Dr. Majors can reduce treatment times, which is great news for patients who want to spend as little time as possible in the dentist’s chair.

Don’t lose a tooth to damage; let Dr. Majors save your smile with root canal therapy at our Newbury, Ohio dental office. Whether you’re in Chardon, Chagrin Falls, or other nearby Ohio communities, you can count on Dr. Majors to offer you the most modern endodontic care available and work to save your smile from everyday damage. Contact us for an appointment.